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Introduction week to Astanga on Saturday May 25


Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga, where movement and breath are closely connected. This kind of exercise can be highly meditative with experiences of flow. At the same time, it also strengthen and stabilises the body.

In Astanga Yoga Studio we use a specific teaching method known from the city Mysore in India. Here, the practitioners build, develop, and do their practice individually with help and guidance from the teacher. Everybody exercises in the same room, but in slightly different ways, depending on individual needs and situations. In this way, you get a specific, independent yoga-practice tailored to you.

All ages and bodies can do astanga yoga and you do not need any experience or knowledge about yoga in advance. The most important thing is that you are ready and eager to learn something new. With a regular practice you will quickly experience a greater sense of strength, clarity, and calmness



Ashtanga yoga classes taught by the method known from Mysore, India. In these classes, you build and develop your yoga practice step by step with careful guidance from Eskil Schilling, authorized level II teacher from SYC (KPJAYI). We offer Mysore classes all weekdays, both in the mornings and evenings.



Every Saturday morning, we offer traditional led class, where everybody flows together through the poses of the first series. The teacher counts the breaths, which automatically guides the tempo of the class. The room holds good energy and there is plenty of time for a cup of coffee or tea before the following Yoga Talk and Technique-class.

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Try our Yoga Talk and Technique-class to improve your technique and if you are curios about yoga philosophy. We also continuously offer classes with meditation, satsang, kirtan and workshops and events with international teachers.



Astanga Yoga Studio is nicely located in Copenhagen, at the corner of Fensmarksgade and Tagensvej. The studio is a calm and peaceful place with room to breath, meditate, practice yoga, and just be. The primary teacher is Eskil Schilling. Eskil is authorized ashtanga yoga teacher from the central School of Ashtanga Yoga SYC


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Start by signing up for a membership. We recommend that you commit to a couple of months, this is the time it usually takes to get started. If you are new to Astanga Yoga, we recommend our Introduction week or a personal introduction.

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First time

The most important thing is to get off to a good start. If you are new to Astanga yoga, we recommend that you attend the Introduction week or book a personal introduction. Here you will be taught the basic principles of the Astanga method and thus lays the foundation for your future training. If you already have experience with Ashtanga and Mysore practice, you are very welcome to start directly on the Mysore classes.


You are in

When you come to the studio, we are there to facilitate and support you with your yoga practice and your development. We help you remember sequence, and help you continue with new or challenging positions until you master them yourself. At the Mysore class, you build up an independent personal practice that can support you throughout your life.

How you learn

Ashtanga yoga is easy to learn - regardless of age and shape. With the unique Mysore teaching you learn step by step, and one thing at a time.
Sun Salutation

Start with an inhale

Ashtanga Yoga practice starts with a very simple sequence of yoga poses performed in coordination with your breath. Each breath connects the different poses with each other.



Then you repeat the sequence until you remember it. By slowly introducing poses and movements in this way, you work within your abilities and become calm, focused and stable in your practice.



When you remember the sequence, you learn more poses from the series. That way, you always work with something you can do, and something new you are learning that challenges you.