Introduction course

Ashtanga yoga one week´s introduction course

Are you curious about yoga? Are you looking for a supportive and experienced environment where you can try it out and get off to a good start? Then, we have developed an introductory week, especially for beginners and other interested who want an in-depth introduction to the various techniques in ashtanga yoga.

You get a thorough introduction to the basics in the astanga yoga method; how you move, breathe, and stay focused. During the week, you will build a strong foundation for your future yoga practice, which you can subsequently build on in our classes and/or in your own practice. You will quickly discover that ashtanga yoga can bring energy, relaxation, and strength into your life and help you create a connection with your inner self.

The introductory week starts with a workshop where you are introduced to the basics of breathing and postures together with other beginners in a safe environment. After this, you try up to five days of ashtanga yoga practice at our group lessons, where you continue to work on the poses you learned at the workshop. Our experienced instructors help you along the way and offer modifications and adjustments so that you train in a safe and effective way. We end the week with a joint round-up and evaluation, where we share experiences.

You can find the full program for the week and practical information further down the page. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the studio.


  • You get a personal yoga program you can practice anytime and anywhere.
  • You work one-on-one with a qualified and experienced teacher, who know you and your practice.
  • You learn to perform the poses correctly and most beneficial in relation to your body and conditions.
  • You learn new and exciting poses and transitions that will develop your yoga practice.
  • You learn to work with poses that are difficult for you.
  • You learn a yoga method that also works when you are off the mat as well.
  • You learn to appreciate practicing in silence and by yourself.
  • You learn gradually step by step, at a pace that is suitable for you.
  • You learn a sustainable yoga practice you can enjoy throughout life.
  • You expirence that the practice of Astanga yoga, can optimize your life in a good way.



Saturday, May 25, 2024

The week starts with a thorough introduction to the Astanga yoga method and the three pillars on which the method rests; breathing, mindfulness and yoga poses. You gain an understanding of what the purpose of yoga is and how you can benefit from it in your life. You learn to breathe deeply, calmly and present, and to use the breath to move in and out of the yoga poses. You learn to coordinate movements with breathing and how to work with the combination of stability and relaxation in yoga poses.

At teh workshop the focus is on the primary poses of the Astanga yoga practice; the sun salutation and the fundamental poses. You learn to use the methoed and techniques to move in the sun salutation with a deep, calm and present breath. You gain an understanding of stability and focus in your yoga practice and strategy for how you work purposefully and with regard to your possibilities and limitations.

Mysore style is the traditional one-to-one way of learning Astanga yoga. Students learn the positions one at a time, and training and teaching can therefore be individually adapted to the individual student's circumstances. In the workshop you will gain an understanding of the method and your personal practice program.

5 day yoga practice

Monday 27 to Friday 31, May
betweem 7.15–9.00 or betweem 16.30-18.00

The 5 day challenge of daily independent but supervised yoga practice in the Mysore classes, with individualized one-on-one instruction at a pace that suits you.
Your practice time will initially be around 35-45 min. And you start at an agreed time during class hours (7.15–9.00 or 16.30–18.00), we arrange your meeting time on Saturday.

Conclusion and evaluation

Friday 31, May

We meet and share our experiences. Further knowledge and insight about Ashtanga yoga will be shared and we will talk about different options to continue your practice in the studio or on your own.

Signup and price

DKK 875
Start date: Saturday May 25.
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Upcoming introweek

Write an email to if you want to reserve a place on an upcoming introweek. Otherwise, we recommend private intro, which is an individual introduction lesson.