Personal Introduction

A personal introductory class to Astanga Yoga

Personal and individual introduction to Astanga Yoga and Mysore classes.

To offer you the best start in Astanga Yoga and meet the need for flexible timings, we have tailored a personal introduction. Here you will be taught one-on-one the basic principles of the Astanga method and lay the foundation for your future practice.

You learn the basics of the Astanga method; breathing, focus, presence, movements, coordination, form and stability with focus on you and your abilities.

Personal introduction takes an hour and a half to two hours. You schedule an appointment that suits your time directly with the teacher.

After the introduction you can participate in the regular Mysore teaching. Therefore, schedule your introductory lesson so that you can attend no later than two days after the introduction on our regular Mysore classes.

Personal introduction is the best and most straightforward way to build an independent personal yoga practice, on our Mysore program.

Personal one-on-one teaching:

  • Personal introduction to the Astanga method in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere and with full focus on you
  • Personal instruction on positioning, breath, bhandas (body lock), focusing, timing, float, etc.
  • You get a customized training routine.
  • You can start directly on our regular classes after the class.
  • Very flexible. You schedule your class directly with the teacher.
  • You book a personal introduction, when you purchase a membership.
  • Price DKK 650. Buy

Appointment for personal introduction

Write an email to or send a message or call phone +45 61676790 to book a time for the individual introductory class.